Dr. Senan Cooke

The Enterprising Community” by Dr. Senan Cooke was launched in Patrick’s College, Dublin City University, attended by Sean Kelly.

Launch of The Enterprising Communty      Enterprising Community Book
The book has been inspired by 25 years of community development in Dunhill, Fenor, Boatstrand and Annestown, and from work with other vibrant groups and examples of community activism all around the country.

It explores the potential within communities from a bottom up perspective. It researches and analyses how to create new enterprises in local communities.

A job creation Assets & Opportunities Audit developed by “Communities Creating Jobs” is explained in chapter 5. It includes the setting up of small voluntary task groups of 6-8 people with a good knowledge of their communities and a facilitator to complete an audit and report.  The report explains how 10 jobs can be created in urban and rural, large and small, disadvantaged and resourced on mountainside and seaside, in old and new communities throughout the county.

There is information of practical use and benefit to voluntary community project teams and support agency staff in each of the 12 chapters in the book. The book is a reference for voluntary project leaders involved in creating new services, facilities, enterprises and jobs. It is also relevant to agencies, politicians, civil servants and general public with a role and interest in the economic recovery and social cohesion of the country.

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One thought on “Introducing ‘The Enterprising Community’

  1. l am an African student who is much concerned about the Irish community development practices, l came across( through my lecturer Ivan McPhillip) the book which is very informative and has all the necessary information showcasing the importance of community/ social enterprises regardless of its size. Thank you, Dr Cooke, for combining the information together. The book is handy, l acquired a greater knowledge, it will be my guide in the journey of my profession.

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